Old Age, Senior Citizen Healthcare Scheme

Senior citizens are the treasure to our society. Their presence can be defined as an asset for the family. It is our duty to take care of their health .It is they who impart the much needed ethical values and code of conduct in the younger generation and play a crucial role in nation- building.

Why Old Age HealthCare Scheme? In today’s fast paced life even basic need of the senior citizens is not fulfilled. Increasing health problems are supposed to be the major concern of a society as older people are more prone to suffer from ill health than younger age groups. Social exclusion, isolation, loneliness and even negligence in old age lead to affect their health adversely.

Due to the increasing trend of nuclear families it is they who suffer the most .Families are being isolated due to several reasons. Many old people still prefer to stay at home independently. They require special care and health assistance to address their old age problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes , alzheimer and hypertension.

DOCTORI DUNIYA DOT COM PVT LTD is providing an old age healthcare scheme to the senior citizens that address their problem at grass root level .It provides extra benefits and services to the old people.

Old age health care scheme aims to fulfill all the required medication and need of the senior citizens at their home.

It encompasses services such as assisting them through our digital health care system with the help of the team of call center and reporting their conditions to doctor if required.


  • One time Blood Pressure Test at home (monthly).
  • One time Sugar test at home (monthly).
  • 24*7 virtual assistance by telecaller (monthly).
  • One time consultation from a renowned physician(monthly).
  • One time ambulance service if required.
  • 24 hours emergency medical services at extra charge.

Fees- Rs.1300/- (Monthly)

Other Benefits-

  • Quick and immediate medication
  • Priority in our paneled hospital.
  • Emotional and Practical support.

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